"RyLee Madison has the type of authentic
vocal conviction and writing chops
we need in the Canadian country
music industry"
Terri Clark, Country Music Star

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RyLee Madison uses:

D'Addario Strings




"Your first lines are always strong in literally every song. Good stuff! Keep up the great work. It was an honor to meet you!"
Jaye Albright, Albright & O'Malley Country Consulting/RadioIQ, Bainbridge Island, WA, US

"RyLee Madison has the type of authentic vocal conviction and writing chops we need in the Canadian country music industry"
Terri Clark, International Country Music Star, Nashville, TN, US

"RyLee is as real as it gets, with a big league delivery that deserves to perform in front of thousands every night! I LOVE RyLee's new song, 'I Wish'.... lyrics, vocals, production, it's all great!"
Bill Hart, Music Director - Kix 106.7 fm, Kitchener, ON, Canada

"I've had the pleasure of getting to know RyLee and her music over the last 4 years. She is focused and  works tirelessly developing her craft. As she continually moves the bar, I have watched her develop as a top- notch
songwriter, performer and as a person. The world needs to know RyLee Madison and her music and she is on the path to make that happen".
Katie Gillon, The Gillon Group, Nashville, TN, US

"Sounds fantastic! The production is wonderful."
Christine McKay, McKay Management, Nashville, TN

"Your music is fantastic!"
Terry Calonge, Richards and Southern, Nashville, TN

"I am truly in awe of your songs and beautiful voice. From the first verse of the first song, to the last verse of the third song, you had my full attention."
Brandi Simms , CMA Nashville, TN, US

"RyLee Madison has the two most essential ingredients for great country music songs: Excellent songwriting chops and a perfect voice for the genre. What a treat!"
Bob Baker, Author of the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook, MO, US

".. with respect to your past great stuff I have to say this is the RyLee I've been waiting to hear. December Leave Me Alone is fab. You are singing like a star and the song is great. If the rest of the recordings and songs are like this I smell success"
Ken Tobias - Veteran Singer Songwriter, Producer, St. John, NB

"RyLee Madison already made her mark as a clever and compelling songwriter on her previous albums. With her latest Where Does The Time Go CD, RyLee evolves as one convincing story-teller, giving us an insight at times into her captivating personality."
Paul Kennedy, KAP Artist Promotions, NS, CA

"RyLee Madison has a wonderful, expressive voice and a real knack for writing songs that are completely true for her, which is a beautiful thing. She doesn't half-step."
John Jennings, Grammy Nominated Producer/Musician, Virginia, US

"…how pleased we were to have RyLee Madison perform at Middleton's Centennial Celebration Concert. Her show was highly entertaining, her band was bang on and, just as importantly, RyLee was the most approachable performer of the day"
John Eakin - Entertainment Coordinator of Middleton's Centennial Celebration, NS, CA

"...my first time hearing her live and I enjoyed every second of her performance. There are two types of performers those that have charisma and those that need it. RyLee has tons of charisma! "
Joe Wood, RDR, Toronto, ON, CA

"RyLee has the ability to grab your attention with a killer vocal and hold it with a unique turn of phrase and a great hook."
Lennie Gallant, recording artist, NS, CA

"RyLee Madison is a dynamo. Her combination of talent, determination and creativity ensures that she will leave her mark on country music."
Sheri Jones, artist manager, NS, CA

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