"RyLee Madison has the type of authentic
vocal conviction and writing chops
we need in the Canadian country
music industry"
Terri Clark, Country Music Star

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RyLee Madison uses:

D'Addario Strings




"Not since "On the Mira" has a song been so beautifully written and recorded to capture the feelings of coming home to the Maritimes."SALT IN THE AIR" is bound to draw on the heart strings of East Coasters the world over.  Thanks for drawing me home."
John A. Perry - Founder and Host GPS House Concerts, HLX, NS

"I have listened to your EP twice and it is on it's thrid play.   I am soooooo excited to hear the whole album. I have no idea how you can tell which are the radio songs....they all seem full of heart and soul, beautifully arranged, and evocative of country greats. To my unschooled in country music ears...they sound authentic. I especially love PLenty of Angels and I'm Thankful....well placed on this special EP"
Andre Haines - Martins River, NS

"I am still giggling at the lyrics to Run....brilliant! All, of the tracks are fantastic.....I love Salt in the Air (what Haligonian wouldn't) and Where does the time go made me cry.....Great job!
Diane Henry - Halifax, NS

"Salt in the Air is going through my head after listening to your EP CD in the car. Great song and great production!"
Joe Sharpe - Fletcher Lake, NS

"Absolutely LOVE the new EP! Can't stop listening and singing along. Can't wait to hear the full CD!"
Lauretta Ryan - Halifax, NS

"Listening to Plenty of Angels right now, LOVE that song!"
Jackie Clark - Indianapolis, IN

"I like all the tracks on this EP. I do believe you have a hit on the first track, plenty of angels. The reason I say this is I can't stop playing it. I hope you have released this EP to the radio stations. Good luck with this EP and a job well done"
Glenn Boutilier - Lower Sackville, NS

"Sounds great overall. My vote for the best songs are Run, Salt in the Air and Plenty of Angels. I can see them playing well across country and Christian stations, respectively. The music and messages are wonderful. Hope others feel the same as I do, and I'm not even a country music fan."
Doug Clark - Indianapolis, IN


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