"Your first lines are always strong in literally every song. Good stuff!
Keep up the great work. It was an honor to meet you!"
Jaye Albright,
Albright & O'Malley Country Consulting/RadioIQ,
Bainbridge Island, WA, US

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RyLee Madison uses:

D'Addario Strings



While RyLee searches for that golden ticket she calls an "american cut," she feels honored to have her songs recorded by so many great artists. Diverse genres like country/pop - Diane Chase (#20 on Canadian BDS Country music chart Crazy In Love), blues - Charlie A'court, Celtic/folk - David Leask, folk - Dave Carmichael and most recently Cape Breton's Aselin Debson to name a few. Feel free to explore artists RyLee has had cuts with by clicking on their album covers.  Enjoy!

Ben Klick CD Cover

2015 Ben Klick - Today - "Daydreaming", "Today", "Cliche Country Boy", "Love Comes and Goes", "Butterfly Tattoo"

Stephanie Rose

2015 Stephanie Rose - Go Where The Wind Takes You - "Where The Wind Takes You", "That's How To Fish", "Did You Hear", Favorite Station", "Bed Of Roses", "Steel Me Away"

Melody Lovejoy EP cut

2014 Melody Lovejoy - Letting Go - "I'm Letting Go", "Barefoot In The Backwoods"
"It Ain't You" & "Play That Song"

Ian Sherwood CD 2014

2014 Ian Sherwood - Everywhere to Go - "No Water"


2013 Tenille - Light - "Halfway to Somewhere"

Jimmy Whiffen

2013 Jimmy Whiffen
- It's a Livin', It Ain't No Life - "Maybe I'll Cry"

Aselin Debison: Homeward Bound

2010 Aselin Debison - Homeward Bound - "Karen Anne"

Steve Waylon: State of Mind

2009 Steve Waylon - State of Mind - "Home Sweet Home"


2008 Samara Yung Show Me the World - "It's Over" & "For Crying Out Loud"


2007 Kym Simon -Priority - "Boys Will Be Boys"

Charlie A

2006 Charlie A'court - Bring on the Storm - "Yes You Are"

Dave Carmichael: Spirit Dance

2006 Dave Carmichael - Spirit Dance - "Beautifully Simple"


2005 John Landry - Someday - "Break It To Me Gently"



2004 Tim Fisher - One Brick - "Dorothy Was a Dreamer"


2004 Diane Chase - The Ride - "Way Back When"

David Leask: Tightrope Of Dreams

2003 David Leask - Tightrope Of Dreams - "Life When You View It From Here"


2002 Gwen Swick - Love And Gold -"Juliette"


2001 Steve Fox - Fox Songs -"Family" which received nomination for American Song of the Year with Just Plain Folk Music Awards, March 2003


2001 Diane Chase - In The Middle of Something - "Crazy In Love" which climbed to  #20 on the Canadian BDS Country Music Chart, June 2002


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